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IP address (and password you chose) will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

        Download VPS.rdp to access any VPS here. Input the IP address and username (Administrator) and password by Right click - Edit.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Guide

    It is advisable to use a VPS for two reasons. First is that you cannot trust your home PC to run 24 hours a day and have uninterrupted Internet connection. The second is the delay between your computer and the broker's server - which will be between 80ms and 250ms depending on your location and connection. This delay is doubled by the time the EA gets confirmation of anything it has done. By contrast, my VPS has a 6ms delay. This makes a huge difference in practice and allows MUCH more accurate placing of trades and TPs. It is also essential if you are using a trailing stop.

    This improvement will more than pay for the cost plus you can relax and forget about whether everything is running properly, not to mention it completely frees up your computer.

   My personal favourite is at the top of the page, TradingFX VPS. You can choose numerous locations in the US, Europe and the UK. Choose Amsterdam for, Forex Time, Traders Way and FX Choice and New York for AvaTrade. You can run two MT4s from the same VPS.

   The basic technique is to open up File Explorer from the taskbar of your VPS, which will show the drives on your home computer so you can copy and paste any files you need. For example, download the setup file for your MT4 and copy/past or drag it onto your VPS desktop, double click it and install MetaTrader on the VPS. Copy and paste any ex4 files from your home MT4 into the Data Folder of your VPS MT4 and you are ready to go.

   Updating Windows is best turned off in Control Panel or you may have unexpected reboots which shut down your MT4.

    You will find having a VPS makes life much easier as you never have to worry about keeping MT4 running on your computer, power cuts, Internet connections or somebody else messing things up while you are out of the room! Not only that but the increased speed of connection will greatly improve the workings of the EA as it it always able to open trades and set TPs as the exact right price.

Recommended Brokers - choose ECN and 1:500 Leverage. Forex Time can be Swap free (inside your back office).

Trader's Way offers US clients the same conditions as the rest of the world. Unregulated but 100% trustworthy.